Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions - Hard Playthrough - Act 1 - Hobgoblin20:54

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions - Hard Playthrough - Act 1 - Hobgoblin

Spider-Man 2099 vs Hobgoblin


Hobgoblin 2099

 In the year 2099, the serum used to give the original Green Goblin his powers (The Green) was remade and dranken by Roderick Kingsley, who soon was transformed into the Hobgoblin of the year 2099. This intelligent creature is a great foe to Spider-Man 2099 .

Army of HobgoblinsEdit

When Hobgoblin came across his fragment of Order and Chaos, he discovered he had the newfound ability to clone himself into millions of Hobgoblins of any size or streangth!

He used this ability when he found Spider-Man 2099, after the two emerged into a fight across New York, Hobgoblin used the fragment on a rooftop of a skyscraper, creating hundreds of Hobgoblins including a giant that was even taller than the skyscraper! The hero defeated most of the army when Hobgoblin stopped the cloning and tried to fight Spidey one on one, but the hero jumped up and slammed Hobgoblin to the ground, releasing the fragment.

Spider-Man 2099 won the fight, but he had more villains to fight, and so did the other Spider-Men!

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