Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Walkthrough- Chapter One, Kraven10:05

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Walkthrough- Chapter One, Kraven

Spider-Man vs Kraven



Kraven is a super-villain "hunter" on a mission to find the greatest head to mount on his wall, the head of Spider-Man!

He is the first boss fight in the game and the first in the Amazing (Our) Dimension.

Kidnapped PreyEdit

After keeping a fragment of the Tablet of Order and Chaos for himself, Kraven traps Spider-Man and brings him to an undiscovered jungle, and then sends his goons to attack the wall-crawler. Spidey tracks down Kraven and they battle until Kraven is sent flying into a stone wall. Spidey takes the fragment and returns it to Madame Webb.

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