Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Part 6 - Sandman Level34:02

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Part 6 - Sandman Level

Spider-Man vs Sandman


Spider-Man vs Sandman

When jail escapee Flint Marko ran out of a jail, he decided to rest on a nearby beach, however, an atomic radiation blast landed on the beach, giving Flint the power to control any sand he sees!

When Life gives you sand, be SandmanEdit

When he found his fragment, Sandman discovered he had the ability to form his entire bosy into any object he wants! When the Amazing Spider-Man arrives at a group of mines to find Sandman's fragment, the man of sand creates a gigantic tornado of sand, which the web-slinger brings to an end by dumping tanks of water into it.

Later, Spidey destroys Sandman's last stand by wetting his creations into mud. Spidey takes the fragment and returns it to Madame Webb.

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