Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Part 7 - Vulture Level38:14

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Part 7 - Vulture Level

Spider-Man Noir vs The Vulture


Vulture Noir

In the Noir Dimension, the popular super-villain Vulture is a man-eating mutant that originates in a freak show as he bites the heads off chickens.

Soon, he realized that humans tasted much better than chickens...

A lifelong enemyEdit

It was a mistake to eat one random citizen off the street, as this man was Ben Parker, uncle of Spider-Man Noir!

Vulture was badly injured once by Spidey Noir, but he was not killed. Although, this monster could have been killed after finding a fragment, Vulture made himself stronger using the power of the fragment, but Spider-Man Noir was happy to step in and teach his uncle's killer a lesson, by using giant lights to blind his enemy, then attack him from behind. 

Vulture was horribly injured, and he lost his powerful fragment to Spidey, who returned it to Madame Webb.

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